Buying a 90's Car

“Hi, good morning everyone. I’m Bernard from Automobilico.   I’m here to talk about a 1994 Mitsubishi Montero. And here I will show you the unit.  Here.


This is a rare kind of Mitsubishi Montero, this is a one-of-a-kind unit here in the Philippines. Actually, it’s imported, it’s not a locally produced car here. Normally, when people come to our showroom, they would look for a 90s car and they would be surprised to find out there are still cars like this. Typical Mitsubishi Montero. 300,000, normally, no brainer yun, you can only buy a 300,000 budget with a sedan. With all the features of an SUV, 4×4, Maganda talaga na consider nyo din ang 4×4 Mitsubishi.


And now, I’ll show you another vehicle, it’s also a 4×4. Nobody actually takes a second glance or nobody knows about this particular model so much, underrated ito, actually. So here we go, this is a 1997 Suzuki Vitara, pero when this was launched in Australia, it was called the Sidekick. So, this is like a fully dressed-up Vitara during the 90s. So yeah, we just had it painted kasi lahat ng pintura niya nag fade na.


So why would you buy a 300,000 90s car? Well, normally, 1.2 million, 1 million, a typical Jimny.

300,000, bigger, wider, 4×4, automatic, why not go for a 90 Suzuki Vitara?

So right now, if we’re talking about maintenance for 90s vehicles, typically if you’re a technical guy, you would love taking care of the 90s vehicles because it’s like a Lego, you build it one by one.  It’s like a process of having a toy. And the more na nasisiraan pa nga yan the more na natutuwa ka kasi the more that you want to upgrade the part that’s being fixed or being replaced, so that’s what’s so nice about these cars.  If you are guy who likes to drive and go, lang, you should go for a brand new car.  But, if you are the guy na technical, you would love buying all these 90s cars.

Meron pa ako sa inyo na isang unit na ultimately magugustuhan niyo, iconic na naman ito during the 90s. It’s a Toyota Corolla GLI which is the most popular brand during the time, it’s a 1994. This is the last batch, na Corolla na lumabas na limited edition, gold emblem, wood paneling, etc. And this one is very, very super pristine, all the lines are keptm yung mga guhit nya at mga pintura nya maganda. So this is the car I’ll show you, Corolla. Eto naman yung pyesa nito para ka lang bumibili sa palengke.  Every time you have a breakdown, it’s just like buying a part in maybe Facebook or Marketplace. so imagine if you were like in a marketplace or palengke literally.  So if you were to have a 90s car, a typical overhaul for a typical Corolla, Vitara, or Pajero, that’s a four-digit, lang and gastos ninyo. Pero kung mga brand new ang kotse Ninyo and bigla kayong nagkaroon ng problema after warranty, 5 digits na.  So you can just imagine, a typical overhaul for a Toyota Corolla would cost you about maybe five thousand to ten thousand pesos. Pero kapag yung kotse nyo mga 5 year old or 3 year old biglang tinamaan at kailangan I-overhaul, hundreds yun.  The joy of fixing your car is always there, typically, for a 90s vehicle, a good buy would be buying a car from the first owner and I’ll tell you a story. You have to really find out the story behind every old car, like, for example, for this particular Corolla, pristine kasi nga, first owner siya. It’s a limited model, last variant, or last model for this kind of Corolla, they call it big body. Normally, for a 90s vehicle ang mga buyer’s naming would come here, yung mga takot na mag commute because right now, it’s pandemic time. So a budget car and they would normally look for something iconic.


Guys, obviously, kapag 90’s ang kotse most of the time, laspag and beyond repair na, so it’s just like getting the car and then you have to buy one box of Tylenol, para sa sakit ng ulo.  There are a few exceptions if you put into place yung buying steps like for example, you have to look for a first owner, and then you have to look for a car that is original ang pintura, and then of course, test drive, that’s the key, all right?


So ayan, If you want to visit our showroom, uh, please visit us at SM City Bicutan if you want to look for more 90s car marami kami nyan we have  BMW 316 and well, kung 90s na kotse marami kami nun.


And this has been Bernard Liberia from Automobilico.

Diesel vs. Gas: All you need to know in 2022

Is it your first time buying a car? A first time car owner?

If yes, this article is for you. With this guide, you can finally decide which car is a good fit for you.

Who says shopping for a car these days is easy? It’s not. With a wide variety of cars in front of you, it can be very overwhelming to choose one. But don’t worry, you will definitely survive the process and drive your own dream car. Yes to positivity on your car hunting.

Let’s begin narrowing down your choices by considering the type of vehicle, gas or diesel powered.


The Ignition Method

Both engines use internal combustion but the ignition method differs. Gas engines rely on the use of spark plugs to ignite the fuel while diesel engines don’t. If the spark plug malfunctions or does not work, air-fuel compression will not happen, thus the car won’t start, or it gets stalled.

Diesel cars, on the other hand, depend on strong heat and compression to generate ignition. It does not use spark plugs. When the engine starts, it produces its own heat to maintain the

This is the most basic difference between a gas and diesel engine.


The Engine Power

When it comes to engine power, there are two terms you need to understand: torque and horsepower. So what are these two?

How do they differ?

When you say torque, it’s the amount of load your car’s engine can handle to start as it moves to and fro. So this means the higher the torque, the greater is your car’s capacity to do any task.  Horsepower as the name suggests, somehow resembles a horse kick. It is the amount of force required by the engine to move an object.

Compared to a gas-powered engine of the same size, a diesel-powered engine has higher torque but lesser horsepower so it is great for moving heavy loads, but takes more time to accelerate. Since a gasoline-powered engine has higher horsepower but lesser torque, it is perfect for driving conditions that requires better acceleration and conditions that doesn’t entail hauling much stuff.  


 The Fuel Price

For so many decades, diesel has always been cheaper than gas. You would definitely save money when driving a diesel powered car, years back.

But everything changed when the war between Russia and Ukraine started this 2022.

The Noise Emission

Do you hear the engine combustion while driving? Due to technological advancements in car manufacturing, it is now quieter to drive a modern diesel-powered car.  However, diesel engines create more noise when starting compared to gas. But because of modern innovations, their difference in terms of quiet and smooth driving is almost unnoticeable.


The Environmental Concerns

How do these cars affect the air that we breathe? Although diesel and gas powered cars have greatly improved throughout the years when it comes to emissions, diesel engines still produce more air pollutants while gas engines produce carbon monoxide, which is converted to Carbon Dioxide through modern exhaust sytems.


The Engine’s Longevity

How long will the engine last? Generally, gas-powered vehicles require major repair when it reaches 200,000 in mileage, while diesel cars can run for a million or more before it requires any crucial repair. This is because of the diesel engine’s design, oil properties, and combustion process.


So which one is better for you? Gasoline or diesel?

Before making a decision on what car to buy, it is best to consider not just your finances and the type of engine but also your lifestyle and the purpose of the vehicle you are planning to buy. Will you be using it going to work, to school or for business? What is the condition of the roads you pass on everyday? 

These are some of the questions you can ask yourself and reflect about. Along with your own research and study, you can always consult with an automotive expert.

More Than The Price per Liter

Fuel prices has been in its all time high for the past few weeks.  Given this we sought for ways for us to maximize the fuel we are putting in our cars.

We talked to Car Kuya and here are some advise that we received:

1.      Use a car with lower displacement.  Regardless of the type of fuel, a 1.3L engine car will always consume less than a 2.4L engine vehicle.

2. Drive in Eco Mode. Most cars nowadays has an Eco Driving option.  Choose it to save on consumption.  But if you are driving a manual transmission vehicle, shift up between 1300 to 1800 rpm, and accelerate gently

3.      Anticipate traffic and decelerate gently because every time you hit the brakes you are wasting momentum.  This also mean that you should avoid high speed city driving.

So next time you drive, maximize every peso you pay for fuel by following these advises. 

Are you ready to hit the road?

Getting The Best Value When Trading In Your Car

Joseph went to our showroom last June 30, 2022 and successfully traded in his 2002 Honda Civic  and added a few thousands to get a 2017 Honda BRV.  He was able to get good value for his trade in.  According to him, he knew he will be able to get good value because of the following:

  1. He is the first owner of the car and he kept all maintenance records.
  2. His car is casa maintained for the first 5 years and on the succeeding years he had it maintained by the service center of a leading gas station near their place, who also kept a log of all maintenance records.
  3. He also had his car repainted and detailed before trading-in.
  4. Lastly, he was able to keep a relatively low mileage considering the years. His Honda Civic was his daily car since 2001, until he got his Honda City in 2009.  Since then, his Honda Civic became his weekend and coding car. 
Joseph had his car appraised then proceeded with the trade-in.  He is happy with his overall experience and grateful that he had brought his car to Automobilico.

Bernard Libera is the fearless visionary behind the success of Automobilico.

Libera is a true car enthusiast who worked with Mitsubishi Motors dealership for 8 years before becoming an entrepreneur.

With a capital of just P28,000.00, Bernard started a carwash business. He then branched out into selling second hand cars.

It was a rough start since there was huge pressure on his part to try to raise more capital to acquire inventory and at the same time set upa decent car showroom.

The biggest hurdle was proving the company was worthy of trust, as the second hand car industry had a negative image.

Soon the pre-owned car business became main focus of Bernard, with the carwash business taking a back seat. His sales of pre-owned cars accelerated at an impressive speed, eventually pushing him to rent space in SM Bicutan. This eventually became the home and headquarters of Automobilico.

By 2013, Automobilico was registered as a privately held. Since then, Automobilico expanded and opened showrooms in SM Southmall, SM BF, and SM Novaliches.

As time passed, Automobilico no longer just sold pre-owned cars, but shifted gears into buying cars as well. They now offer immediate appraisal and payment to customers based on the quality and condition of the vehicle.

They established a relationship with both financial and insurance companies that agree with their vision of offering financing and insurance at competitive prices without sacrificing quality and integrity.

The company name, Automobilico was inspired by a street moniker for “auto-mo-bibilhin-ko” became synonymous with trust and transparency. Its market was Filipino families that dream of owning a car without sacrificing the entire household savings.

Automobilico did not stop at just buying and selling pre-owned cars, but offered additional services. To date, Automobilico offers six major services:

Automobilico also allows car sellers to post their cars on the company’s high traffic website for free or in one of the showrooms.

It will always be an uncertain road in the world of entrepreneurship and only the bravest of hearts can take on the challenge.

Automobilico has now also opened itself up fro franchising. This gives other entrepreneurs a chance to manage their own, one-stop-shop of pre-owned cars.

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